Restoration is the act or instance of putting something back into existence or use. It is bringing back to a former or original condition. It is reinstating, renewing and reviving.....that's what I seek to do.

It is my vision to be a vessel through which people are empowered. It is my desire to be an agent of change.

I believe that I was restored, so that I will be a channel for others to get what they stand in need of…captives will be set free--the lost...found; the wounded...healed; the in peace; the confused....sound in mind.

Whether it's a PowerPoint presentation, the transcription of a sermon, a book written or healthcare services, it is my desire to minister to the spirit of people.

Coming Out Of Darkness
I have come to the realization and acceptance that the process to death is life and to life it’s death.
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Though It Tarries: Do Not Awaken Love Until It's Time
Much has been written on the subject of love to communicate the complexities and ecstasies of romance.
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Women Of The Word
A poetical portrayal of the lives of many of the women found in the bible.
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